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TITAN X | Hybrid Edition | 3 in 1

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Jet Black
Texas Brown


Yes! Due to the compact size and light weight that the TITAN X has, you won’t barely feel it inside your pocket, just the enough so you can know that your wallet is there. You can either have it in your front pocket or back pocket without any bulk. We recommend keeping it in your front pocket to get rid of those back pains that your old bulky wallet has brought to you from sitting on it.

No, our Hybrid Minimalist Wallet has been designed to hold your cards firmly regardless of whether there is 1 card or 5 cards in the chamber. It will also hold cards firmly in the chamber even when the cards have been ejected to access them and are partially exposed.

You can insert up to 5 embossed cards (or 7 flat cards) inside the aluminum compartment so you can access them with the trigger mechanism and 1-3 cards in the leather case. The mechanism of the Hybrid Edition works perfectly fine with embossed cards.

Yes, the cash strap can be attached to the aluminum compartment or the leather case and be used normally with both.

Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to receive information from tags that are attached to certain objects. Any scammer can use a wireless device in order to skim your credit cards data just by passing by. With ANTI-RFID, your personal information is secure. 

Yes! Some clients want to keep their RFID enabled cards inside the leather compartment so they can simply tap to pay in stores or tap to access in workplaces.

Up to 10-14 US bills in the front and up to 10 more bills if you decide to attach the additional cash strap. The cash strap can either be attached to the leather case or the aluminum compartment.

The incorporated trigger system staggers all the cards so you can see which card is which and simply extract the one you want without fanning them all out.