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TITAN X | Pro Edition

131 reviews

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  • Holds up to 12 cards
    Sleek and modern design with easy card access
    Money clip or Cash strap: ideal for cash and IDs
    Light and comfortable in-pocket
    Blocks RFID (wireless theft)
    Backed by our lifetime warranty
    Premium package included (perfect for a gift!)
    Black and Grey: made of titanium and aluminum
    Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon: made of 100% carbon fiber
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    Black and Grey Version: made with titanium, aviation aluminum and stainless steel / Weight: 2.2 oz (63g) | 86 x 54 x 6 mm
    Carbon Fiber / Forged Carbon Fiber Edition: Made with 100% Carbon Fiber / Weight: 2.0 oz (59g) | 86 x 54 x 6 mm
    Due to the variability of the raw materials we use for the Forged Carbon Fiber edition, we can't guarantee it will look exactly the same as the photo


Will it be comfortable to carry in my pocket?
Yes! Due to the compact size and light weight that the TITAN X has, you won’t barely feel it inside your pocket, just the enough so you can know that your wallet is there. You can either have it in your front pocket or back pocket.
How do I insert and how do I access my cards? Does it work well with embossed credit cards?
You can insert your cards inside the wallet by simply sliding them from the top groove. Boom! Done! If you want to pull out a card, you simply press the outside notch that allows you to access your cards in a butterfly view and extract the card you want. Yes! The TITAN X Pro Edition works perfectly with all types of cards, including embossed credit cards.
Can I keep some cards out of the anti RFID chip so I can use them without pulling them out?
Yes! Some clients want to keep a personal ID card out of the anti RFID sensor so they can use it quickly at work (for example) without having to pull it out. In order to do so, you need to keep the desired card attached to the money clip or cash strap, this way the anti RFID won’t block the chip and your card will be read correctly.
What is the ANTI-RFID Technology for?
Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to receive information from tags that are attached to certain objects. Any scammer can use a wireless device in order to skim your credit cards data just by passing by. With ANTI-RFID, your personal information is secure.
How many dollar cards and bills can it hold?
Up to 12 cards! As for bills, It depends on the thickness of the bills but usually up to 15-20.
What keeps the cards from sliding out?
The elastic pressure.
Can I change from the cash strap to the money clip or viceversa? Can I keep both, one on each side of the wallet?
Of course! Inside your package you will find a T-5 Screwdriver and with a simple tutorial that you will find in the support page, you will be able to switch from the money clip to the cash strap, viceversa or even keep both on each side of the wallet for extra space! You will be able to add the cash strap to your order once you complete your purchase or through this link
Do you offer engraving on your wallets?
Currently we do not offer wallet engraving but the Black and the Grey version can be engraved using a third party. Note that all Carbon models can’t be engraved due to the nature of the materials
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Ben W.
Canada Canada
Excellent wallet

Received this beauty yesterday, the quality of this wallet is amazing! I bought the carbon fiber model because of how beautiful it looked and I have to say it is worth what I paid for. Holds all my 8 cards plus my drivers license (pretty easy to fan out for now) and doesn't take much space on my pocket. Personally, I love the cash strap but I haven't had the chance to try the clip, it would be cool to try it out sometime. I can't see myself going back to the traditional wallet after this.

TITAN X TITAN X | Pro Edition ReviewTITAN X TITAN X | Pro Edition ReviewTITAN X TITAN X | Pro Edition Review
United States United States
Well, I was wrong.

I ordered the forged carbon thinking that it wasn’t going to be real carbon fiber. But @ $45 if it was real, then that’s a deal. My order took a little while to come in due to the Rona but when I received it, it looked amazing ! And the quality was real good. But I brought out my trusty multimeter to test the carbon fiber for continuity. And it passed. It’s real carbon fiber. And you can’t beat it at $45. I was proved wrong and my expectations were exceeded. Definitely recommend. Shipping might be a little slow but the wait is worth it.

TITAN X TITAN X | Pro Edition ReviewTITAN X TITAN X | Pro Edition Review
United States United States
Husband Approved!

My husband absolutely loves his Titan X! He said it's so much more comfortable than carrying around his regular wallet in his pants pocket. Being my husband loved his so much I went and got my Dad one and he is just as thrilled with it. Definitely recommend.

Daniel B.
United States United States
Excellent Wallet

Getting used to holding my wallet in a different pocket has been the most difficult part of switching. I sit upright and the pain in my back has been significantly decreased. It holds everything I need and it's easy to access.

Joe C.
United States United States
Buy this instead of the Ridge...

Great wallet...minimal, high quality, and well made. My son has the Ridge wallet and I have the Titan X. Both are incredibly similar but the Titan X is a fraction of the price. Definitely worth the price savings!