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Universal Magnetic Car Mount (Works with every phone and car model)

Safe, strong and reliable. Lock & unlock your phone instantly with our universal magnetic car phone holder. The TITAN of car mounts.

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  • ● Powerful magnetic locking system to securely hold your phone.
    ● Instant lock and unlock.
    ● Universal fit for all mobile devices and car models.
    ● Stick it anywhere: compatible with any dashboard surface.
    ● You can rotate it up to 360 degrees and tilt it up to 60 degrees.
    ● Doesn’t block your car’s air vents.
    ● Slim, minimalist design.
    ● Made of stainless steel. Six N52 magnets built inside.
    ● One mounting plate installation on either phone or phone case is required (3 included in the package)
    ● CE Approved
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  • Please, find the FAQ and Installation guide below our product description.
    Made of stainless steel.
    Dimensions: 2.36 x 0.94 inch



Yes, you will have to install one of the three metal plates that are included in your package for the car mount to work. They can be attached to either your phone, the inside of your phone case (for slim cases) or the back of your phone case (for thick cases).

Of course, we have designed the TITAN X Car Mount so it can work with any car and phone model. It attaches to any surface of your dashboard.

Yes! The Car Mount works with every phone model.

Unfortunately, the magnets that the iPhone 12 or 13 have built inside are a little bit different than the technology that the car mount uses to function. You will have to attach the magnetic plates that your package includes to use the car mount, just like with every other phone model.

Of course, the 3M nano glue allows you to remove it from your dashboard and stick it anywhere else you want.

As for the metal phone plates, they can be removed easily but they cannot be attached again to another surface. Don't worry, we include 3 metal plates in the package!

No, new phone models like the iPhone 13 also use magnets and this techonology is completely safe to use near mobile devices since the magnets are not powerful enough to damage the gadgets around them.

In case you have a phone that supports wireless charging, we recommend attaching the metal plate under your wireless charging space. If you attach the metal plate on top of your wireless charging zone, you may have difficulties trying to charge your phone wirelessly.

Yes! Airpads can be mounted as well but we recommend using two TITAN X Car Mounts.

You’ll receive: the car mount, metal plates x3 and a user manual.