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TITAN X I Trifold Edition I Airtag Ready

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Carbon Fiber
Black Leather

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Airtag is not included with the Trifold Edition and is sold separately in stores like the Apple Store, Target or Best Buy. Yes, you can track your Airtag anywhere in the world with your FindMy app.

You can either have it in your front pocket or back pocket. We recommend keeping it in your front pocket to get rid of those back pains that your old bulky wallet has brought to you from sitting on it.

No, our Trifold Minimalist Wallet has been designed to hold your cards firmly regardless of whether there is 1 card or 5 cards in the chamber. It will also hold cards firmly in the chamber even when the cards have been ejected to access them and are partially exposed.

You can insert up to 5 embossed cards (or 7 flat cards) inside the aluminum compartment so you can access them with the trigger mechanism and 3-4 cards in the leather compartments. The mechanism of the Trifold Edition works perfectly fine with embossed cards.

Yes! Some of our customers want to keep a personal ID card out of the anti RFID blocking aluminum compartment so they can use it quickly at work (for example) without having to trigger the ejection mechanism. In order to do so, you need to keep the desired card in one of the leather compartments, this way the anti RFID aluminum case won’t block your card's wireless data.

Up to 10 cards. As for bills, for most currencies (USD, EUR CAD) up to 8-10 bills.

Yes, the Trifold Edition comes with a 24 months limited warranty and it doesn't need activation.