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    Airtag Pro Edition


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    • ● Compatible with Apple Airtag tracker (not included)
      ● Up to 12 cards & bills
      ● Sleek and modern design with easy card access
      ● Blocks RFID (wireless data theft)
      ● Light and comfortable: perfectly fits in your front pocket
      ● Backed by our lifetime warranty
      ● Premium package included (perfect for a gift!)
      ● Made of high grade aluminum
      ● Won't be using the wallet with an Airtag? Check out our standard Pro Edition here
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      Dimensions: 4.33 x 2.76 x 0.75 inches.


    No, the Airtag is not included with the wallet and is sold separately in stores like the Apple Store, Target or Best Buy. Yes, you can track your Airtag anywhere in the world with your FindMy app.

    Yes! In case you won't use the Airtag compartment, we have the same Pro Edition without this Airtag compartment. Check it out by clicking here.

    You can insert your cards inside the wallet by simply sliding them from the top groove. Done! If you want to pull out a card, you simply press the outside notch that allows you to access your cards in a butterfly view and extract the card you want. Yes, the TITAN X Titanium Pro Edition works perfectly with all types of cards, including metal cards and embossed cards.

    Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to receive information from tags that are attached to certain objects. Any scammer can use a wireless device in order to skim your credit cards data just by passing by. With ANTI-RFID, your personal information from credit cards and IDs is secure.

    Yes! Some customers want to keep a personal ID card out of the anti RFID sensor so they can use it quickly at work (for example) without having to pull the card out. To do so, you need to keep the desired card attached to the money clip or cash strap, this way the anti RFID won’t block the chip and your card will be read correctly.

    Up to 12 cards. As for bills, up to 15-17 for the cash strap and up to 10-12 for the money clip model.

    The elastic pressure that the plates have integrated can adapt to any amount of cards that you keep inside. It doesn't matter if you keep 1 or 12 cards, they will be perfectly safe and they will stay put inside the wallet.